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We know that organisations are complex and the regulatory environment adds to that complexity. That's why we specialise in helping regulated entities achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-changing climate.


Our services recognise that each organisation is unique, providing highly personalised and engaging solutions for clients.


  • Independent Company Director services

  • Independent Risk and Compliance Committee Member services

  • Outsourced services: Company Secretary, Chief Governance Officer, Governance Manager

  • Board, Committee Member, Executive and Management recruitment services

  • Board training programs

  • Board/Committee performance assessments

  • Frameworks: Governance, delegations and conflicts; remuneration and accountability; environmental, social and governance (ESG)

  • Independent triennial reviews of governance and conflicts management frameworks

  • Independent assessments of governance, accountability and culture

  • Modern slavery frameworks, policies, statements and service provider due diligence reviews standards

Financial risk management

  • Outsourced services: Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Finance Manager 

  • Independent Insurance Committee, Investment Committee and Finance Committee Member services

  • Executive and Management recruitment services

  • Frameworks: investment management, credit risk, market risk, interest rate risk, capital management

  • Insurance/reinsurance strategies, policies and procedures

  • Credit rating advisory services

  • Accounting policy, regulatory reporting and financial reporting interpretations, frameworks and change implementation

  • Technical reporting and disclosure training (including accounting, APRA reporting, RG 97 fee and cost disclosures, superannuation portfolio holdings disclosure)

  • Independent triennial reviews of insurance management, investment governance and internal capital adequacy assessment processes

  • Independent investment due diligence ratings, operational due diligence ratings and ESG assessments, in collaboration with our specialist network


  • Outsourced services: Chief Compliance Officer, Compliance Manager, Responsible Manager, internal audit function appointments

  • Executive and Management recruitment services

  • APRA and ASIC licensing, registrations and approval applications

  • Regulatory stakeholder communications and relationship management

  • Risk-based legislative and regulatory compliance frameworks

  • Fulfilment of mandatory disclosure obligations

  • Policies, procedures, processes and templates

  • Management of internal and external audit function tenders

  • Independent reviews of: AFSL representatives and financial advice files; Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) programs; privacy compliance frameworks

Enterprise risk management

  • Outsourced services: Chief Risk Officer and Risk Manager

  • Executive and Management recruitment services

  • Risk appetite statements and tolerance limits

  • Risk culture frameworks and statements

  • Conduct risk management frameworks

  • Risk assessment, aggregation and connectivity

  • Risk identification and assessment workshops

  • Selection, specification and population of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems

  • GRC system solutions, in collaboration with our specialist network

  • Enterprise risk training programs

  • Independent risk culture surveys and assessments

  • Independent triennial reviews of risk management frameworks

Operational risk management

  • Outsourced services: Operational Risk Manager

  • Independent project risk management oversight

  • Operational risk management frameworks and modelling tools

  • Outsourcing policies and frameworks

  • Due diligence assessments and tender design and facilitation

  • Business continuity and data management frameworks

  • Cyber risk management frameworks and IT disaster recovery plans, in conjunction with our specialist network

  • Business continuity plan and crisis management scenario testing, including ransomware event dry runs

  • Independent reviews of reasonableness and commerciality of outsourcing arrangements


  • Facilitation of strategic planning workshops

  • Analysis of market positioning and strategic opportunities

  • Independent review of strategic and business planning documentation

  • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate transactions

  • Superannuation member outcomes and business performance review assessments

  • Contingency planning

  • Adequacy of resourcing and specification of roles and responsibilities

  • Employee engagement surveys and assessments

  • Process mapping and optimisation of business processes, practices and system configurations

  • Product benchmarking and enhancement of independent product ratings

  • Independent review of strategic and business planning documentation

  • Independent review of organisational structures, subsidiaries, business lines, divisions, product offerings and insourcing/outsourcing arrangements

  • Independent post-implementation reviews for major project initiatives

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“I would like to acknowledge and thank the team at Hall Advisory for the outstanding services provided over the past 18 months. You have brought a fresh approach to the way we manage and report on risk and compliance and this has been very much recognised and appreciated by all, including our Board. With the quality of staff that you have on the Hall Advisory team, the future looks very bright.”

Executive, Superannuation Sector