We can assist you in further developing your governance, risk management, compliance and strategic decision making frameworks. The breadth of our service offering is set out below. 

  • Independent director services

  • Independent risk and compliance committee member services

  • Outsourced Company Secretary services

  • Outsourced Chief Governance Officer and Governance Manager services

  • Board training programs

  • Board / Committee performance assessments

  • Governance, delegations and conflicts frameworks

  • Independent triennial reviews of governance and conflicts management frameworks

  • Independent assessments of governance, accountability and culture standards

  • Remuneration and accountability frameworks

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks

  • Modern slavery frameworks, policies, statements and service provider due diligence reviews

  • Outsourced Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Risk Manager services

  • Risk appetite statements and tolerance limits

  • Risk culture frameworks and statements

  • Conduct risk management frameworks

  • Risk assessment, aggregation and connectivity

  • Risk identification and assessment workshops

  • Selection, specification and population of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems

  • GRC system solutions, in conjunction with our specialist network

  • Enterprise risk training programs

  • Independent risk culture surveys and assessments

  • Independent triennial reviews of risk management frameworks

  • Outsourced insurance and investment committee member services

  • Insurance / reinsurance strategies, policies and procedures

  • Investment management frameworks

  • Credit risk, market risk and interest rate risk management frameworks

  • Capital management frameworks

  • Credit rating advisory services

  • Accounting policy, regulatory reporting and financial reporting interpretations, frameworks and change implementation

  • Technical reporting and disclosure training (e.g. accounting, APRA reporting, RG 97 fee and cost disclosures, superannuation portfolio holdings disclosure, etc.)

  • Independent triennial reviews of insurance management, investment governance and internal capital adequacy assessment processes

  • Independent investment due diligence ratings, operational due diligence ratings and ESG assessments, in conjunction with our specialist network

  • Outsourced Operational Risk Manager services

  • Operational risk management frameworks and modelling tools

  • Outsourcing policies and frameworks

  • Due diligence assessments and tender design and facilitation

  • Business continuity and data management frameworks

  • Cyber risk management frameworks and IT disaster recovery plans, in conjunction with our specialist network

  • Business continuity plan and crisis management scenario testing, including ransomware event dry runs

  • Independent reviews of reasonableness and commerciality of outsourcing arrangements

  • Independent project risk management oversight

  • Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Compliance Manager services

  • Outsourced Responsible Manager services

  • Outsourced internal audit function appointments

  • APRA and ASIC licensing, registrations and approval applications

  • Regulatory stakeholder communications and relationship management

  • Risk based legislative and regulatory compliance frameworks

  • Fulfilment of mandatory disclosure obligations

  • Policies, procedures, processes and templates

  • Management of internal and external audit function tenders

  • Independent reviews of AFSL representatives and financial advice files

  • Independent reviews of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) programs

  • Independent reviews of privacy compliance frameworks

  • Facilitation of strategic planning workshops

  • Analysis of market positioning and strategic opportunities

  • Independent review of strategic and business planning documentation

  • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate transactions

  • Superannuation member outcomes and business performance review assessments

  • Contingency planning

  • Adequacy of resourcing and specification of roles and responsibilities

  • Employee engagement surveys and assessments

  • Process mapping and optimisation of business processes, practices and system configurations

  • Product benchmarking and enhancement of independent product ratings

  • Independent review of strategic and business planning documentation

  • Independent review of organisational structures, subsidiaries, business lines, divisions, product offerings and insourcing / outsourcing arrangements

  • Independent post implementation reviews for major project initiatives